Not everyone in their lives can be rich financially when they are young.But we can still choose to be rich in mind whenever we want.

That's what came to my mind tonight due to the golden opportunity given by my girlfriend. 
I spent the whole day dealing with the exhausting system of my motorcyle, Honda NSR 150, which made me so tired that I chose to stay at dorm instead of speeding NSR on the road as usual tonight. I modfied the whole exhausting, which I replace R1 with factory one.
Well, that's just the surface of the story today.The point is that I figured it out that I am supposed to be happy while fixing or riding the bike. I should enjoy the process of doing it. That's all. Car is what I always dream for. I am happy that I am the car guy with special character compared to those in this field. 

However, like the teacher said," 玩車是現實與夢想的拉扯." I used to be very disturbed by the incapability of making enough money to afford the money I spent on the ride during the college time. Now I have another way of seeing it : Everyone has their own interpretation of riding. So are their way of distribution of money. I admitted that it has already been beyond my budget I set at first when I got the Nsr. Now I use the envelope money to pay for the gear and parts though that's not the way I want initially. I knew my destiny. Not everyone can be the teacher or the top one elite we chase.

Just accept the way we chose. Before that, doing whatever we can and do our best. Then accept the rest of it !

Enjoy it !/

Make a descion that won't make the fire of your eyes disappear !

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